You, you’re just like a long-lasting virus
The thought of your lips on mine keeps coming back to me.
I’m so out of my mind that I truly don’t know anymore.
If that even happened for real.

Me, I’m just like a sick patient.
Someone who slowly became resistant to a drug that is you.
I can still feel the touch of your hand on my face.
Or was all of that just a dream too.

I wish there was a cure, but I know there is not.
I knew there was a way, but I think I forgot.
I wish I had a proper chance, please give me a shot.
I wish there was a future, but the past is all I got.

Us, we were just ill-fated together.
It was nothing but just a physical deal between us two.
I remember telling you not to fall in love with me.
To found out years later that I had fallen in love with you.

I wish I treated you more seriously, but I sadly did not.
I wish you’d still think of our kiss, but I think you forgot.
I wish I could move on, because you still hurt me a lot.

You’re probably happy, with that new girlfriend you got.

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